Terms and Conditions

By placing an order, you are forming a legally binding contract with Minuteman Press (Stockport), for products and services, and you agree to be bound by the following thirteen Terms and Conditions.
If you are placing this order in the name of a company, you must be legally authorized to place this order for the company.

Prices published at Minuteman Press (Stockport) are subject to change without notice. Every effort will be made to notify customers of price increases in advance. Quotations will be honoured for up to 30 days after the quote date. Published prices of Minuteman Press (Stockport) are based on customers supplying digital files prepared according to written guidelines at the Minuteman Press (Stockport) website. Failure to setup files according to these guidelines may result in additional charges. Changes made by Minuteman Press (Stockport) to customer supplied files will be subject to extra charges.

We require at least a 50% deposit upon placing an order (with the exception of design work where all payments are to be made at the start of the transaction) with balance being COD. Minuteman Press (Stockport) accepts cash, personal and company cheques, Visa and MasterCard. In the event that a personal or company cheque is returned for non-sufficient funds, the customer will be required to pay a £35.00 ‘non-sufficent funds' fee to Minuteman Press (Stockport). In the event of non-payments that lead to dispute and/or litigation, the customer agrees to pay all legal and collection fees incurred by Minuteman Press (Stockport).

4. VAT 
All orders are subject to VAT, unless advised otherwise by Minuteman Press (Stockport).

Customers are responsible for ensuring that Minuteman Press (Stockport) are aware when close colour matching between jobs is expected. 
Minuteman Press (Stockport) will reproduce colour from digital files as closely as possible, but may not exactly match colour and density due to limitations in the proofing and printing process, as well as neighbouring image ink requirements. A reasonable variation in colour between original materials, proofs and the completed order, will be considered acceptable print quality. Customers must provide high resolution images suited to the offset or digital printing process. Minuteman Press (Stockport) is not liable for images printing poorly due to the customer providing low resolution images. Customers must provide all full colour printing images in CMYK format. Minuteman Press (Stockport) is not responsible for any colour shift that occurs in conversions from RGB to CMYK colour modes. Full colour jobs that contain large solid areas of black ink should have the black set up as Rich Black (see File Specification section of website). Minuteman Press (Stockport) will not be responsible for printing a consistent, solid and rich black if the customer has not set up their files accordingly.

All complaints must be made within 5 business days of receipt of the job. Orders with manufacturing errors and/or defects will be rerun on the next print run at no charge to the customer, at the discretion of Minuteman Press (Stockport). Minuteman Press's (Stockport) sole liability shall be limited to reprinting of the order. Unsatisfactory orders as a result of customer errors may be reprinted at a reduced rate, at Minuteman Press's (Stockport) discretion.

Minuteman Press (Stockport) is not responsible for errors and omissions approved by the customer. The customer is solely responsible for errors missed during the proofing process of either artwork supplied by the customer or artwork created by Minuteman Press (Stockport).

The customer will indemnify and hold harmless Minuteman Press (Stockport) from any loss, expense, and damages arising out of violation of copyright or trademark laws from the illegal use of images, photographs, slogans, trademarks, or graphical work supplied by the customer.

All posted turnaround times are approximate and although Minuteman Press (Stockport) will make every effort to meet these delivery times, Minuteman Press (Stockport) will not be liable for any costs or damages resulting from deliveries made later than expected to the customer. Delays or damage during shipping are the sole responsibility of the carrier providing shipping services. Minuteman Press (Stockport) is not responsible for delays or damage caused during shipping.

No customer will be offered credit terms.

Minuteman Press (Stockport) will retain ownership of all digital files created on behalf of the customers by the Minuteman Press's (Stockport) staff.

We will choose to use courier companies to deliver consignments, as deemed necessary by Minuteman Press Stockport. If there is an extra charge for this service, this will be made clear at the quoting stage. Our courier will expect consignments to be signed for and can not be left without a signature.
Minuteman Press Stockport is not responsible for arranging re-delivery of consignments.

Sub contractors will promptly update Minuteman Press (Stockport) about any changes in the arrangements agreed at the time of ordering. This particularly includes agreed delivery dates. In the event that sub contractors over produce product(s), Minuteman Press (Stockport) will not be required to pay the extra costs incurred by the sub contractor.