Data policies (GPDR) Minuteman Press Stockport

How data is stored at Minuteman Press Stockport

Email addresses are stored securely, in the cloud, at the Mail Chimp facility. Mailchimp has been verified to comply with European Law. This archive of data is not kept on Minuteman Press’s Stockport premises. Access to the Mailchimp accounts are secured by password known only to one person in the company (The Owner). The Mail Chimp system includes an easy subscribers opt out link.

Customer’s and prospect details are stored via our Flex Management system on a hard drive on site. The Flex management system has an opt out flag for customers contact preferences to be recorded. The Minuteman Press Stockport site’s IT infrastructure is secured behind a fire wall. This data is only accessible locally to authorised employees of Minuteman Press Stockport. This data is securely backed up to Google Drive. The data sent Google drive is encrypted.

None of the above data is ever saved to portable media such as USB drives. Customers data that is not needed for further work is deleted. Customer’s non-confidential data, such as art work, is backed up internally to two hard drives and then to Microsoft’s OneDrive. The internal hard drives are kept in secure premises behind a shutter, and locked doors.

Customers payment details are never kept. We are always PCI DCI compliant and certified.

Customers have linked to Minuteman Press, Stockport via Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter.

No customers data is stored on the Minuteman Press Stockport’s web site.

How data is collected at Minuteman Press Stockport

Email addresses and contact details are supplied by the customers themselves.

They are stored in our Flex management system and emails are also stored on The Mailchimp cloud servers.

Opt-out procedures

If a customer asks for their data to be deleted, the MailChimp data and the Flex Management systems records will be manually expunged. Customers who request for their data to be updated, this is also performed within one week and manually by the person responsible for managing the systems, the Owner, on the Flex Management system and Mailchimp.